Gluten-Free Take-Home Meals for Concord, NH and Surrounding Communities

Meals to reduce inflammation and keep you ahead of Lyme, and Auto-immune disease!

For gluten-free take home meals and pre-prepared meals to go in the Concord, NH surrounding area, let The Clean Take help. We have the healthy foods to provide you the support you need in your struggle against illnesses and conditions where good, nutritious food can offer some assistance.

See our weekly take-home menu here:

Cutting out gluten from your diet may seem challenging, and limiting. The good news, though, is that there are so many healthy and delicious foods to choose from that are naturally gluten free.

You can have all the taste and nutrition you need!

We serve gourmet, pre-prepared, home-cooked, whole food meals. Our entrees, sides, soups and salads are loaded with the natural ingredients that have been shown to reduce inflammation, support your immune and hormone systems and aid digestive function. We strive to have at least one gluten-free entrée, soup and salad each day and have several in regular rotation.

We know that sugar and gluten are the worst things for your immune system so we keep to the fruits and other ingredients that contain the least amount of both. We also stay clear of non-saturated fats, refined sugars and other high-carb ingredients.

Our recipes use:

  • Gluten-free pastas
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Meat and poultry
  • Fish and seafood
  • Grains, rice, tamari and quinoa
  • Dairy
  • Beans, legumes and nuts
  • Potatoes

Our meals are free from wheat, noodles, breads and other gluten-based products.

We believe in the healing power of food – that it’s the body’s best medicine – and that eating one’s way to good health is the surest route. Getting the jump on inflammation requires a nutrition-first baseline, and with that, all other benefits are more likely to follow.

We are locally sourced and organic whenever possible. We use nothing treated with hormones, never used processed meats or cheeses and keep nearly everything in the kitchen free from harmful processing. Our nuts, seeds and legumes are dry and fresh, rarely canned.


“Food that gives you a fighting chance…”

Our regular menu changes weekly but we always have customer favorites and repeat items at the ready. We can customize a menu plan that’s easier than grocery shopping and all the planning that goes into getting a healthy dinner on the table. You can also place your order in advance and let us know what time you’d like it ready. Just leave us a note upon check out in the Special Instructions and we will have your food waiting for you!

Gluten-Free To Go in Concord, Bedford and Manchester, NH

For gluten-free lifestyle food and take out for the greater communities of Concord, Bedford and Manchester, NH we are your back-up kitchen. Call today and get started on the road to good health. (603) 715-1496.


Call Us at 603-715-1496

We opened The Clean Take because we believe healthy food can also be convenient. We make whole ingredient, healthy meals and snacks to go. Whole ingredient meals are available Monday through Friday 10 am until 6:00 pm. Click here to see our daily menu.

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We are located in the Capital Two Plaza, at the Warren Street end. Find us next to the back entrance of Joe King’s shoe shop in the courtyard. We are conveniently located across from the Durgin Garage for easy pick up. (We occupy the space previously know as the Soup Gallery.)

Freshest and Best tasting food in New Hampshire.... Service with a SMILE - LOVE this place!

Anne A.

Fantastic food. Made a believer out of me with regards to health eating.

Dana M.

Don't miss the loaded potato-so good. I wish this was available here years ago when I worked and had a family.

Jean S.

We always have a wonderful time at The Clean Take. We will be eating our shepherd's pie tonight… Can't wait. It is my favorite. Thank you Jane.

Carol S.
Concord, New Hampshire 03310
We are located in the Capital Two Plaza, at the Warren Street end. Find us next to the back entrance of Joe King's shoe shop in the courtyard. We are conveniently located across from the Durgin Garage for easy pick up. (We occupy the space previously known as the Soup Gallery.)